Several years ago I started a company based around ideas - design, invention and creative projects - called Think Thirty. My original logo appears on the right, a thought bubble with a :30 inside, playing on the phrase 'beer thirty' - meaning it's always "Time for a Great Idea". The logo needed updating with my new focus on graphic art and logo design.
Starting with a pencil and sketchbook, I put some ideas down, deciding to play up the fact that THINK and THIRTY had a lot of similarities. I began to design a custom font.
In it's most basic form, I started with columns of all similar height and thickness, adding the simplest details that created a letter out of each. The 'k' and 'y' allowed for some play at the end of the line. I added my thought bubble, above a few dots emanating from the 'i'.
After moving around the separate elements of the 'k' and 'y' I settled on this. I added small circles at the top of any opening in a letter, to mirror the dots that floated up from the 'i's. I added a drop shadow to emphasize the thought bubble effect. Once I completed this stage, I realized it also looked like a factory, which was a perfect concept for what I do: a factory that produces ideas! I also scrunched the letters shorter until I liked the look.
I had to have lime-y green (#92c762) in there - one of my favorites. I added the :30 symbolizing time. I decided to contrast that with a berry purple (#895881), and added the tagline "Time for a Great Idea". I didn't like the white dot over the 'i' in THIRTY so I changed that...
Living near the ocean I love to add something with a fresh airy feel, so I settled on a pale turquoise (#895881) background.
This is the graphic for my Favicon.
Design of my square business cards. That's all for now.. thanks for viewing my very first Behance project: hopefully the first of many many more!
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