Steven Pyle Designs is a fledgling fashion design company, with "relentlessly positive messages". Steven is owner, designer, and the model pictured here. His company donates at least 51% of all profit "to charities that make a difference around the world. Because love is more important than profit."

I photographed Steven on the beach in Daytona Beach, to capture a carefree and earthy feel that he is trying to get across with his brand. Future photo shoots are scheduled in natural and urban locations, as he adds products to his line.
Steven's designs are typically very simple phrases in his handwriting, always using a heart image that he drew himself to stand for the word LOVE. I was commissioned to create some simple illustrations to capture some of his thoughts, again including his signature magenta heart. This one is called "Think Love".
I also photographed the first products: T shirts and tank tops for men and women. I suggested we use the 100-year old pine floor in my cottage studio as a background.
Here are a some other illustrations that will be featured on t shirts:
The first T shirt pictured here was also my suggestion - as if to say your "To Do" list really needs to always start with the most important thing: LOVE. Steven wanted one to illustrate "radiating" LOVE, so I created the second mimicking a hazardous radiation symbol, but with his heart at the center. The third shows one of Steven's hand-written phrases. The last one pictured here I designed, showing LOVE "lifting the world".
Here are some of the best shots from our photo shoot. Steven is a very unique young man with tremendous vision and a big heart.
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