Midtown Emerging  Community Project Logo
I was asked to develop a logo and printwork for Midtown Emerging, a "crash course in community development" brought to the City of Daytona Beach, to provide training and support for existing small businesses and entrepreneurs in the historically African-American community of Midtown.
The course didn't have a name at the time, so I suggested Enterprise Midtown and began working on some sketches utilizing thick block fonts to represent building, and a door motif to represent opportunity.
After much discussion I developed the Midtown Emerging title, which also brought in the acronym "ME" to symbolize the personal stake that each participant would have in the free workshops. I worked on the outline and colors until we came up with the final logo:
One exercise I enjoyed but did not have a place in the final design was to take all the shadow elements of the sides of the letters, along with the open door shape to create a totally original pattern for the project. On the right you can see the elements as I began to move them around, and by roughening up the outlines I gave it a handcrafted look that might appear on a beautiful piece of fabric. I then used a clipping mask to place the pattern on the face of the letters. You can see the result on the lower right.
I also helped create and edit advertising flyers and other printwork for the series. I used stock and original photos, in Adobe Indesign:
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